4 Ways to Stand Out from Your Competition

4 Ways to Stand Out from Your Competition

Your marketing communications will be most effective when you highlight what makes your brand different from its competition in a way that’s relevant to your customers’ interests. This will make your brand stand out in their minds, thus making them more likely to buy from you. Here are some ways you can achieve this:

  1. Show why your company exists and why it matters
    Telling stories that focus on how and why your brand helps its customers will make it connect with them emotionally and intellectually. As a result, they’ll be more likely to purchase your products and services because people want to buy from brands that align with their interests and values.
  2. Keep it simple
    Everyone is constantly inundated with information, so people will most likely ignore your message and move on if it’s hard to understand. That’s why it’s best to avoid using complicated language or jargon in your marketing communications. Simple verbiage that quickly conveys your brand’s message is ideal.
  3. Focus on your customers
    Your brand’s storytelling should focus on the main protagonists: your customers. This means that your message should always be about how your brand addresses your customers’ needs and solves their problems.
  4. Communicate a consistent message
    One of the main reasons why people buy from your brand is because they trust it, and trust needs consistent reinforcement. This means that your brand’s message should remain the same at every point that your customers interact with it. Otherwise, they might lose faith in your brand and look elsewhere for solutions to their problems.

Showing how your brand is different in a way that’s relevant to your customers’ interests will make it stand out from its competition. As a result, they’ll be more likely to buy from you when they have a problem you can solve. Thus, communicating your brand’s difference is crucial to your success.


Steve Nichols is the owner of Boswell Inc., a marketing communications consultancy for entrepreneurs. You can read about his observations on marketing, business, and life for entrepreneurs on The Improbable Truth Blog.

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